Last update: Feb 2020
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Web Development of Spatial Content Management System through the Use of Free and Open-Source Technologies. Case Study in Rural Areas

The rapid development of the technology of the web systems and GIS, in conjunction with the world economic crisis, formed the content for the promotion and development of free systems and open-source technologies. At the same time, the tendency toward the standardization of data, metadata and services, with the aim of creating common “Language” for the reading and the dissemination of information available, is a basic research area in the global scientific community in this field. The development of WebGIS systems, taking advantage of the free technology, also contributes to finding more economical solutions, where the use of such systems is more directly accessible. The aim of this research work is, through the analysis of technologies for the Internet, and also the architecture of the WebGIS systems, to investigate the possibilities and to develop the appropriate free technologies, so as to design and implement a spatial content management system for the web. Search with the use of the latter, is the best response to the needs and visualization application maps, with scope in rural areas. In addition, reference is made to the existing content management systems, which provide both processing spatial data, and easily create a WebGIS application